Different Memory Types of the Router

  • By Admin
  • Jun 8, 2017

Routers are intelligent network devices routers use different protocols to transfer the data packet to its exact destination. Routers like a computer have processor RAM and NVRAM. The router stores its network configuration in NVRAM and at the startup load Configuration to its RAM. RAM stores information temporarily, in RAM information in stored and when you turn off the router or power goes off all the information in the RAM is deleted.

Whereas information stored in NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) is always there until you give the command to the router to clear its memory, power off does not affect the data on NVRAM. When you are buying a new or used Cisco router remember to ask about the memory of the router. The performance of router depends on the memory of the router. A router having high RAM and NVRAM can work fast and efficient. Also, this allows you to expand your network.

Routers support different protocols for network management. Latest routers support almost all well-known routeing protocols. If you are buying refurbished Cisco routers make sure to ask your dealer or the network expert at your company is that router you are buying support the protocol you have running in your network and some other protocol that you think you need to implement in near future.

Buy used Cisco equipment is a costly solution there are a number of companies that sell and buy used Cisco network equipment. Find a company registered with the Cisco and provide you with some warranty on the equipment they selling you.

Equipment of Cisco is very famous and reliable in the computer and telecommunication networks. Used Cisco equipment is the best solution for small companies that can enjoy the performance and reliability of Cisco equipment at very low cost.